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How to Email and Ask for Informational Interviews

Now that you have more experience interviewing professionals that you know it's time to expand your comfort zone further! It's time to apply the same approach and skills from the previous chapter to interviewing professionals you don't know. For some students reaching out to strangers without an introduction feels wrong or uncomfortable. The tactic of...

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How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile When You Don’t Have Work Experience

If you don't have formal work experience, you can write about your informal experience from non-academic activities at university. You likely have experience! You just need to think deeper about all of the activities you have participated in as a student. Have you helped a club? Led an orientation? Promoted an event? These are all relevant experiences that show...

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Remember to Complete These 3 LinkedIn Sections

You have probably already heard of LinkedIn. It’s benefits are well known: Be visible to recruiters who use LinkedIn (over 98% of recruiters use it!) Keep track of professional contacts you meet Search jobs easily and alumni from your school Create a professional brand and voice online Look good when someone Googles you (LinkedIn appears...

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