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I grew up in a family of magicians so maybe I was destined to love audiences.

Want new ways of thinking about careers and content that combines perspective with action? My fast-paced keynote talks are peppered with purposeful audience interaction that will leave your audiences feeling motivated.

Beat the Robots: New Jobs and the Future of Work

In the next five years, 2 million new jobs will be created thanks to automation and artificial intelligence. What will the jobs of the near future look like? And how do we train students for them? How do we prepare for our own job shifts?  This talk rethinks how we train students and prepare for future careers where algorithms might be our coworkers. 

Audience: University deans and provosts, career services directors, corporate recruiters, and graduating students.

Choose Your Own Career Adventure

Careers aren’t linear but neither are the best adventures. The average millenial will change jobs four times by the time they’re 32. Job seekers need to upskill and commit to lifelong learning beyond their degree. This talk weaves together travel stories, career mishaps and advice, into an adventurous narrative about planning for the changing career landscape. The talk will leave audiences ready to tackle their job search, plan their next career move, or help guide students in nontraditional times.

Audience: university students, study abroad alumni, career services professionals. 

A$k for It

Negotiation meets motivation. Get comfortable talking about money, learn the language needed for your next ask, and get a framework for doing it. This is the perfect talk to help anyone prepare for their next promotion, salary negotiation, or side hustle.

Audience: graduating students and freelancers.

Audience: Women in Travel Summit 2016
Audience: Women in Travel Summit 2016