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how to get a job in the US for international students and professionals
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Virtual career workshops.

Live coaching.

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Career help designed specifically for busy international students like you.


Small Groups

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How to get a H1B job in the US H1B

Workshop Descriptions

Strategy Workshops

If you’re new to the job search start with the foundation workshop, Navigating the H1-B Job Search. In this workshop, you will learn:


  • Why employers sponsor and what employers want from candidates they sponsor
  • Timelines in your job search
  • How international students get hired in American companies
  • How to stand out in the U.S. job search
  • How to find companies that sponsor
  • How to use informational interviews to get an internal employee referral
  • How to get experience when you don’t have any
  • A framework for looking for a job in any country in which you don’t have work authorization


This workshop is recommended for all international students who are looking for full-time work in the U.S. For best results, it is highly recommended that you take this workshop at least 6 months before you graduate.


Note: this workshop does not cover H1-B, OPT, or CPT visa details. Please refer to your international student services offices for information or workshops on these topics.


If you’re interested in internships, take Finding a Summer Internship. In this workshop you will learn:


  • How to identify internships
  • How to create your own internship
  • How use career fairs to find an internships
  • How to ask smart questions that make you stand out to recruiters
  • How to get experience when you don’t have any
  • How to talk to employers about your visa status
Tool Building Workshops

After you’ve built a strategy for your search, start learning the tools you need to stand out to employers. Take Target List Building, Storytelling, and Self-promotion for an in-depth workshop covering:


  • Creating a smart list of companies and roles that interest you
  • Identifying opportunities that are right for your experience level
  • Building and practicing a professional story to tell employers
  • Overcoming cultural challenges to American-style self-promotion



Next, the workshop, Beyond LinkedIn Profiles Creating an Online Presence to Stand Out, teaches you the basics of LinkedIn profiles, as well as how to build a portfolio, personal website, and other tools to show off your work to future employers. This workshop is for anyone who has ever thought “my resume doesn’t reflect my true skills and experience.” You will learn how to:


  • Create a basic LinkedIn profile
  • Use LinkedIn and Twitter to network
  • Write an about page to show off your skills
  • Build online profiles
  • Find projects and competitions to add to your online portfolio to be discovered by employers
Communication Workshops

Once you have a strategy and the tools for your job search, work on your American-style Networking skills. Mastering American-Style Networking teaches you how to connect networking to employment. You will learn how to:


  • Use the employee referral system to get noticed
  • Identify networking opportunities and events
  • Talk confidently with people and employers at career fairs and events
  • Master small talk
  • Identify and build professional relationships
  • Use your network when it’s time to apply for a job or internship
  • Use informational interviews gather insider information and build advocates


The informational interview is the best tactic to use to help you get a job in the U.S. Few international students succeed in their search without it.  The last workshop in the series, Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews, is dedicated to helping you understand how to use this tactic in your search.  You will learn how to:


  • Use informational interviews to get hired
  • Identify people who you want interview
  • Write smart emails that get responses
  • Write interesting informational interview questions
  • Make an “ask” at the end of your informational interview
  • Follow up after the informational interview
  • Connect the informational interview process to the application process


This workshop features a live informational interview with a chance for participants to ask their own questions for practice.

Each virtual workshop includes

  • Workshop slides sent pre-workshop for easy review
  • Practice activities to build new skills post-workshop
  • Templates (for emails, story telling, and target lists)
  • Extended Q&A to get your most urgent questions answerers
  • Access to a private Facebook group with additional job search tips for international students and networking with other international students

How to participate

Workshops are offered throughout the month and hosted on the platform, an interactive, user-friendly webinar host. Signups, payment, and workshops take place through the platform. Participants sign up through their website to participate. The button below take you to the most recent workshop schedule for signup. Learn more about how to participate on

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Your Instructor 

Nicolle Merrill, Founder Global Mingle Party

Nicolle Merrill, Founder Global Mingle Party

Nicolle Merrill is a former international MBA career coach from the Yale School of Management. At Yale SOM, she worked with hundreds of international students and alumni to help them land positions at top global employers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, as well diverse organizations from top-tier consulting firms to startups. At Yale SOM, she partnered with recruiters across the world to understand emerging trends and opportunities in technology, design and innovation, and energy industry spaces. Nicolle designs workshops that encourage students to get out of their comfort zone and learn new skills. She’s currently writing a book on the international student job search that will be released in Fall 2017.


  • Navigate
  • $45/ Each
    • Navigating the H-1B Job Search
    • Finding a Summer Internship
  • Create
  • $45/ Each
    • Target List Building, Storytelling, and Self-Promotion
    • Beyond LinkedIn: Creating an Online Presence to Stand Out
  • Interact
  • $65/ Each
    • Mastering American-style Networking
    • Everything You Need to Know about Informational Interviews

Mock Interviews and Salary Negotiation

Mock interviews and salary negotiation help are available on an individual basis. Contact Nicolle directly to set up an appointment.