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International Student Resources

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How to Email and Ask for Informational Interviews

Now that you have more experience interviewing professionals that you know it's time to expand your comfort zone further! It's time to apply the same approach and skills from the previous chapter to interviewing professionals you don't know. For some students reaching out to strangers without an introduction feels wrong or uncomfortable. The tactic of...

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Informational Interview Questions for international students

Common informational interview questions

The goal of the informational interview is to:   learn valuable information from your host make a good impression make a connection that may help you later in the job search   To accomplish this, you need to ask curious questions. The questions you ask help you gain valuable information about the job search.   Informational interviews should be between...

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Informational Interviews

Mastering the Informational Interview

In American culture, it is normal to ask people in companies for informational interviews. An informational interview is a smart way to learn more about future jobs, company culture, while building professional relationships. Informational interviews are not job interviews. They are not the interview that you get when you apply to a job. Those are called...

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How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile When You Don’t Have Work Experience

If you don't have formal work experience, you can write about your informal experience from non-academic activities at university. You likely have experience! You just need to think deeper about all of the activities you have participated in as a student. Have you helped a club? Led an orientation? Promoted an event? These are all relevant experiences that show...

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Why international students should make friends with their career services office

Many times students feel lost in the job search but don't understand how career services can help them. Many career services offices only post jobs that are for American students so international students can feel disconnected or unwelcome. But that is not the case! Regardless of the job opportunities, career services have many resources that...

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Overcoming cultural discomfort with American-style networking

In the US networking is very different from other countries. In the US: It is common and expected to reach out to strangers without introductions Professional relationships are built increasingly online - from LinkedIn and email messaging - instead of over multiple meals and meetings Conversations are often surface, avoiding lengthy discussions of family, religion or politics ...

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How to Email Someone You Don’t Know to Ask for an Informational Interview

For some students reaching out to strangers without an introduction feels wrong or uncomfortable. The tactic of sending an email to someone you don't know is called "cold emailing." Because you are reaching out to a stranger, the relationship is cold. When you send them an email, it is a cold email since you haven't...

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