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International Student Job Search

Overcoming cultural discomfort with American-style networking

In the US networking is very different from other countries. In the US: It is common and expected to reach out to strangers without introductions Professional relationships are built increasingly online - from LinkedIn and email messaging - instead of over multiple meals and meetings Conversations are often surface, avoiding lengthy discussions of family, religion or politics ...

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How to Email Someone You Don’t Know to Ask for an Informational Interview

For some students reaching out to strangers without an introduction feels wrong or uncomfortable. The tactic of sending an email to someone you don't know is called "cold emailing." Because you are reaching out to a stranger, the relationship is cold. When you send them an email, it is a cold email since you haven't...

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Learn conversational slang and American current events

One of the hardest part of being in a foreign country is knowing what's happening in the culture outside the universities. So much of conversations are focused on informal happenings. It can be very difficult for international students to participate in conversations about American pop culture. There's a newsletter that me and my friends all subscribe...

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How to talk about sports when you know nothing about sports

So here's a secret: I don't follow many sports. Which means it can be difficult at times when the conversation turns to sports. Talking about sports is hard for international students since you may not know what’s happening in (American) football. Fall and winter are American football season which dominates much of the conversation, then by...

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A simple trick to master small talk: The 3 “W”s

Lots of people hate small talk. Even Americans. But it's a required part of American culture to have conversations. Think of small talk as the bridge to conversations. Small talk helps people ease into a conversation. It's polite conversation without much commitment. It gives people time to get used to one another before discussing business or...

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