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How career services can help international students in their job search
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Why international students should make friends with their career services office

Many times students feel lost in the job search but don’t understand how career services can help them. Many career services offices only post jobs that are for American students so international students can feel disconnected or unwelcome. But that is not the case! Regardless of the job opportunities, career services have many resources that will help you in your search and networking activities. Visit the career services office for:
  • A review of your LinkedIn profile or resume
  • Help practicing your story
  • Feedback during the networking process (if you get frustrated you want to be able to talk to someone about the challenges)
  • Connections with recent alumni
  • Information about upcoming career fairs and workshops
  • A discussion about which internships or jobs would be good for your background
  • An introduction to a mentorship program.
Career services professional can also be people in your network. When you build relationships with them, they will think of you when they have opportunities. Of course, they need to get to know you first! After all, they serve many, many students. So taking the time to meet with them and talk to them regularly helps them get to know you.
When you visit career services do the following:
  • Ask your career services department for a list of companies that have hired international students from your school
  • Ask if they can recommend any recent graduates to talk with who are international students
  • Ask if they have a mentor program. Mentor programs connect you with experienced professionals who are interested in helping current students. They are powerful relationships which help you better understand American business culture.
  • Ask if they have specific programs or advice for international students seeking jobs in the US
  • Ask to learn more about how OPT and H1-B visa process works. Many career services departments partner with international offices to deliver workshops that give you a better understanding of work authorization. Knowing this information makes you better prepared for the job search.
Get to know career services and their offerings. Don’t forget to check in with them during your search to update them. They are there for you!
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