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Learn how to get better at American small talk
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chameleon job search

Want a job? You’ll need to be a conversational chameleon

I’ve worked with hundreds of international students to help them navigate the U.S. job search. One thing stand out between the people who succeeded and those who didn’t: the ability to have quality conversations.

Does that surprise you? You might think that only qualifications matter in the job search. It’s true that you need qualifications to get the job. But you also need something else: the ability to engage people. You need to be able to talk to people about your qualifications and how you fit into their organization.

The reality is US employers want confident, friendly, curious people just as much as they want hard-working, smart, talented, qualified workers. In the American job search you have to be all of the above. You show your qualifications through good conversations.

A student once told me that you have to be a conversational chameleon in the job search. A chameleons are masters of adapting to their new surroundings. They change color to blend in with their environment. You must do the same in your job search. You must adapt to blend in with your new, foreign environment. You have to adapt your communication and style to a variety of people that you meet in your job search. As another student said quite bluntly, “You must not keep your mouth shut.”

Conversations are the basis of professional relationships. You need professional relationships to help you in your job search. It’s all part of American Style Networking.

The good news is that you can learn how to have good conversations. Start with this free course, Improve Your American Small Talk.

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