Global Mingle Party | How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile When You Don’t Have Work Experience
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How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile When You Don’t Have Work Experience

If you don’t have formal work experience, you can write about your informal experience from non-academic activities at university. You likely have experience! You just need to think deeper about all of the activities you have participated in as a student. Have you helped a club? Led an orientation? Promoted an event? These are all relevant experiences that show off your skills. If you haven’t done anything outside the classroom or studying, make sure you get experience by helping out organizations on campus, volunteering for projects, signing up for leadership opportunities, and or organizing club events.
Here are common student leadership roles:
  • International Student Ambassador
  • Club President (Treasurer, Vice President, etc)
  • Student Worker
  • Peer Advisor
  • Sports coach
If you don’t have a formal title, ask the people you worked with what role they think you had in the project.
To complete the professional experience section of LinkedIn, write out your responsibilities and accomplishments. If you are unsure what your accomplishments are, make a list of all the projects you have worked on during your time at school. Then write them down as a sentence, starting with an action verb. Use this list of verbs to help inspire you think of activities you’ve done in the past..
Here are some examples of on-campus student experience:
  • Oversaw $5,000 budget and membership for engineering club
  • Organized and oversaw logistics for 150-person social media marketing conference
  • Analyzed daily website analytics for kickstarter campaign to produce a 3D printed iPhone case
  • Evaluated and recommended new data visualization for biology research lab
  • Wrote 5 blog posts for university website
  • Taught Argentinian dance to 40 students as TA for Dance 302 course
  • Tutored 15 freshman students in spoken Mandarin
  • Edited 25 YouTube videos for student government campaign “Campus Cleanup 2015”
  • Presented weekly workshop “Business Spanish” for career development office
  • Identified and invited 20 speakers to present at the annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Curated articles, videos, and photos for Entrepreneurship club Facebook page resulting in 30% new followers in 6 months
  • Redesigned international student orientation to include more video testimonials from alumni, increasing student participation by 60%
  • Collaborated with lab research team to introduce new clean room techniques, reducing sample contamination by 20%
The more you include results and numbers in your bullet points, the stronger your experience.
Don’t forget to include work you do for your family! Many international students have worked for family businesses in their home country. This experience still counts. Include it in your profile.
For more advanced graduates with work experience, including MBA students, quantify work experience and show results. Your bullet points should pass the CEO test.
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