Global Mingle Party | How to build a target list of innovative companies
Build a list of innovative companies to work at
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4 Resources to Build a Future-Oriented Company Target List

Any job or internship search must begin with a target list. You need to keep track of all the companies that interest you. Not all companies are interesting, so having a list helps you keep track of the ones that are doing fascinating work. The more you know about a company, the more you can talk to employers about why you’d like to work for them. Employers are impressed by job seekers who have taken the time to learn about their company, products, and services. The first step in your research is to make a list. So embrace your curiosity and use these resources to learn more about all the fascinating companies you might someday work at.
FastCo Most Innovative Company List
Sure some of the familiars make the list, Amazon and Alphabet obviously, but so does Netflix, Warby Parker, FitBit, AirBNB and Slack – all companies who are transforming industries and have hired MBA interns or seek MBAs for full time positions.
Fortune Most Innovative Companies List
While US centric, it’s the most global of the list featuring companies from countries like Australia, Japan, Denmark, Chile, Indonesia and regional filtering to make your life easier. Compared to FastCo’s list, it’s not entirely clear what makes these companies innovative but there are plenty of company details to dive into.
LinkedIn Top Global Companies
Using data from their economic graph, LinkedIn produces lists of companies that attract and retain the best talent. They’ve got deep lists for the US and globally. There’s also lists for the globally mobile interested in the UK, France, Brazil and India. Bonus, you can search all open positions at these top firms just by scrolling to the bottom and hitting. Use MBA or MBA intern as a keyword to narrow down your options.
CB Insights Blog
Many students want to work in technology. But beyond the big names – Google, Amazon, Facebook,  Microsfot – most students don’t know what other companies exist. CB Insights Blog is a regularly summary of new companies and aquisitions that in the technology space. They produce lists like Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups Around the WorldThe State of Synthetic Biology: Investors Placing Bets in Food, Biofuel, Healthcare and More; The Top Companies to Look Out For at the Mobile Congress 2017.
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