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How to exit a boring conversation

Have you noticed yet that some conversations are better than others? When you deal with people, you never know who you might meet. You should be talking to everyone as you go through your job search. Sometimes those conversations are good and they flow easy. Other times they are boring or awkward. For those times it helps to know how to politely exit a conversation.

To exit a conversation, simply memorize this phrase. “It’s been great to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. Let’s stay in touch.”

Then you simply ask the person for their business card or ask to connect on LinkedIn.

The trickiest part of this is waiting for the pause in a conversation to say the phrase. But after you say it, you signal a polite end to the conversation and you can move on.

Try it the next time you want to get out of a conversation with a new person.

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