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How to write a cover letter for international students
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Cover Letter Tips for International Students

To write a good cover letter, start by finding a job that you want to apply to. Then answer these questions about it:
Why are you interested in the job or company you applied to?
What skills, qualities, and/or experience would you contribute to the job?
Why are you a good fit for this organization?
A good cover letter is a persuasion tool. It’s a chance to tell an employer why you are a good fit for the job. “Fit” means that you are a person who has the skills, personality, and experience that fit with the organizational goals and culture. In the cover letter you must communicate how you fit into an organization.
A cover letter follows an easy three-paragraph framework: Them + You + Us.
1st paragraph: Them
Why do you admire their company? What interests you about them? Use company research from websites, Facebook or YouTube videos to describe why you like that company and explain what interests you about their company.
2nd paragraph: You
This is the most important section. This is where you tell the employer what qualifies you for the role. Before you write, answer these questions: What was your biggest accomplishment in your last project, job, or volunteer experience? What do your peers say you do well? What would your peers or former boss say you are good at? Then write a paragraph with two or three things you have accomplished in your past experience that makes you qualified for the job you are applying for. To help, use language and vocabulary from the job description and be explicit (don’t make the recruiter guess what you did – tell them exactly).
Example: While finishing my last year of school, I designed 5 new websites for student clubs. While I used my coding and design skills to build the websites, I also focused on building strong client relationships by listening to each club leaders needs. My work resulted in an excellence award from the university student services department. 
3rd paragraph: Us
Write how you will contribute to their team to make their company/team better.
You may have heard that recruiters don’t read cover letters. Some don’t. But they still require them. And if they read them, your cover letter better be good. If there errors or if it’s too long, you’ll be thrown out and not get the interview. So don’t forget to get someone from your career services office to review and edit your cover letter for any mistakes.
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