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Learn how to write a LinkedIn profile for students
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Remember to Complete These 3 LinkedIn Sections

You have probably already heard of LinkedIn. It’s benefits are well known:
  • Be visible to recruiters who use LinkedIn (over 98% of recruiters use it!)
  • Keep track of professional contacts you meet
  • Search jobs easily and alumni from your school
  • Create a professional brand and voice online
  • Look good when someone Googles you (LinkedIn appears in the first result)
There are many more benefits but those are the best for students.
Everything starts from a strong LinkedIn profile. Here’s what you need to build a profile:
A professional photo (no selfies!)
LinkedIn photos are easy. Ask a friend to take a photo of you against a simple background. Wear a professional top. Don’t forget to smile!
A headline that isn’t just about being a student
There are many ways to write a LinkedinIn headline. You can write your headline in a way that shows you’re a student but stands out among all the rest. Get creative!
“Marketing Major at UW”
“Future Chemical Engineer”
“Data Scientist in Training”
Student | Multimedia Artist | Traveler
A summary
Think of your summary it as a mini-cover letter. Except more important. And everyone reads it. Write a few sentences about yourself. Try a version of your adventure story. What interests you? What are learning in school? What roles are you interested in working when you graduate?
Even if you have no work experience, put any leadership, volunteering experience on your LinkedIn profile. Then add a line about what you did in that role. Use this list of action verbs to help you create a sentence or two that describes your work (also good for resume writing!)
Make sure you list your current school so people know you are a student. Include your major and any clubs that you are a member of. You can add PDFs, videos or links to your personal website or blog too to show off more of your school work.
Once you have a LinkedIn profile you can use it in a variety of ways. You can ask recruiters that you meet at career fairs to connect on LinkedIn (this is a good way to stay connected to them and future opportunities). You can put your LinkedIn profile in your email signature when you reach out to professionals or company recruiters. They will be able to see your background easily. You can send it to contacts instead of your resume. You can use LinkedIn to reach out to alumni and interesting people you’d like to meet.
If you want to learn more, LinkedIn hosts webinars each week.
If you’re still unsure what to write, look at profiles from people at your school that you admire. Use them as a guide.
LinkedIn is a powerful tool in your job search, no matter your experience level. You must learn how to use it!
You can find me there.
But always remember: Send a personalized message so I know who you are otherwise I won’t accept the invitation. You can only send a personalized message from desktop, not mobile.
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